Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thinking Maybe I Can Come back...

It has been almost a full year since I have posted here.  Lots of changes in my life, some good others not so great.  My older girls are off to college and even though one of them comes home every night, I miss them like crazy.  I am lonely and not taking care of myself, so I thought that this would give me something to do.  I am going to include some pictures of my big girls, especially Katie who has an eclectic style that I wish I could copy (on an older person basis of course).  Are any of you still out there?  Do any of you still remember me?  I need some friends right now, even if they are not the kind that I can go out to lunch with....xoxo


  1. I remember you, welcome back I can't wait to see more post of you I missed you. How is Florida???

    1. Thanks so much, it is so flattering that someone so stylish would remember me. Thanks! Florida is fine, we never got even a hint of cool air.

  2. Hi Lesa! I remember you! I've been wondering what you've been up to, so glad to see you are back posting.

    I'm back posting for similar reasons - gives me something to distract myself with!

  3. I have been a lurker really since my blog is not about fashion, but I do enjoy some fashion blogs and yours is one of them. I can relate to going through rough times - just remember keep your focus on Jesus. He loves you and He will see you through what ever your situation.
    God bless, Lisa :O)

  4. Of course I remember you Lesa! I don't get on blogger as often anymore because of the busyness of life, but every now and then I will check it out for a little fashion inspiration....So what's been going on? I have also not been taking care of myself, but I don't plan on staying this way.:) Looking forward to your posts even if I cant check in everyday... Sarina

  5. i'm here! I remember you and will be your friend. right not I have a lot going on, it will several days before I can back to my life. until then...good luck! or more likely God Blesss!

  6. Thanks everyone! I am so happy you remember me! I may not post everyday, but I have some good ideas to work with! xoxo