Monday, April 16, 2012

Regrets, I've Had a few...

Leopard print sweater: NY & Co.

Have you ever sold something on Ebay or given something away to Goodwill and then found a picture and asked yourself WTH why did I give this away? I an the opposite of a hoarder, I go through these crazy cleaning streaks and sell or throw everything away. I just let this cute little cardi go, and now I'm asking WHY???


  1. Once in a while, but not enough to not get rid of stuff.

    Remember what you loved most about this sweater and start a shopping quest. I like the hunt.

  2. That's so funny you posted about this! I'm a bit of a hoarder, and I just posted about cleaning up the basement (trauma!)

    That cardi is adorable, and you must have been nuts to purge it!

  3. Well, I've been cleaning out the closet again, I have a top rack and a bottom rack and I put all the tops on the top so my husband will think I don't have that