Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Dreaming of Wild Animals

My two oldest are mad about any kind of animal print. I like it too, but it is making my Christmas difficult. My daughter Anna had me buy her a bed-in-a-bag with extra long dorm sheets way last summer, it was navy, lime and lavender, and pretty. She swore to me that she wouldn't change her mind....well guess what? Now we HAVE TO HAVE giraffe print everything. Luckily I have an Ebay store, so keep your fingers crossed that I get some of my money back. I am used to doing this with little ones, and I already had to change a singing doll for a purple Barbie. Being Santa is a tough job-as we all know.

We finally got our tree up, and if I do say so myself, it is beautiful. I collect ornaments, I have the girls with Santa from the year they were born, to last year (at 16 and 7 years old), I have Waterford, Lenox, Christopher Radko, school projects, ornaments from every trip we hae ever been on, and it all works. I thought I would feature some of them in my holiday blogs leading up to Christmas.

So, I am wearing jungle print for the occasion. I don't think the brown pearls really worked but I didn't notice until I saw the pics. The ornament was a handpainted gift with a big bell and the extra added plus is that the kitties can't shatter it. Meow!