Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Bunny shirt: forever 21

plum skirt: old navy

Tights: Target
Shoes: Payless

Today I am showing off my daughter Katie. She is 17 years old and has a 25,000 dollar scholarship to Stetson University, which was her first choice in schools!

However, I want to interview her about her style choices because they are unique for someone her age:

Me: Katie, how would you describe your fashion style?
Katie: A mix of boho, casual and whimsical
Me: Would you say you dress like other people your age?
Katie: No, because a lot of people my age don't dress up for school each day, I also think that some people are inappropriate in what they wear.
Me: What would you consider inappropriate?
Katie: Clothing that doesn't fit your body correctly
Me: What is favorite item of clothing?
Katie: my Stetson tee
Me: What do you wear on a usual day at school?
Katie: sandals, sundress and a cardigan
Me: What do you think about jeans?
Katie: I think it is settling, you aren't making an effort.
Me: What fashion item are you hoping to get for Christmas?
Katie: A blue ballerina style dress, a black lace cardigan and a black lace cardigan

Katie is a vegetarian, top 10 percent of her class, devotes her life to volunteering, and dances to the beat of her own drum. Even though I am biased, I have to say she is one cool kid!


  1. I would agree. She is a cool kid and quite pretty too. That is such a cute top.

  2. Love her Bunny Tee! Congrats! with school! thank goodness for girls/young ladies like yourself!

  3. That is awesome about the scholorship!

    Her fashion choices are so great and I am impressed that she knows how she wants to dress and sticks to it!

  4. She is definitely a cool kid (and a good dresser)! Congrats on the scholarship!

  5. I love the outfit- well done! Please, kiddo... don't wear pajamas to calss when you are in college. Pretty please?