Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back again!

I feel like I have been on a see-saw and I recently took this blog down as I felt I had nothing more to offer. Also, I was (and still am) feeling very sorry for myself as I have gained weight, my twins, who i consider my best friends are graduating in June and going off to college, and my Agorophobia has hit me like a ton of bricks. Because of these issues I felt I had nothing to bring to the table, then I started missing you guys, the friends I can have without leaving the house. So please join me again.


  1. Oh, Lesa. I am joining you on the "Feeling Sorry for Myself" bus - each week that goes by that I still haven't found a job, it gets worse and worse. I'm glad you have decided to come back, though! I've missed your posts over here!

  2. Hi Lesa, I'm glad you decided to blog again, I hope everything goes well with your beautiful daughters, it must be hard what you're going through, letting the kids go, but I'm sure they make your feel so proud of them huh? Hope you feel better, take care. =)

  3. I'm back on now, too! I'm sorry its been so rough for you… hang in there!