Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to my world...

They are selling cute, cool dresses at target for $19.99
The only problem is that after a wash they a little above my knee
and I'm 5'2"

This is n't the most flattering pic of the faux wrap, but they are
nice because they are high enough that you don't have
worry about flashing someone

The whitest woman in South Florida
and I even have a pool

Red flower from Etsy
(don't you hate them now that you can't pounce anymore?)
I barely buy anything there because of that
Pounce let me have my spur of the momet midnight purchases

As I said in my last post I have gained even more weight. I have no one to blame but myself. But then when O go out I have such low self esteem. I really want to at least thin my arms down (is this easy) because all of the dressed I bought so far are sleeveless. It is ungodly hot in Ft. Lauderdale in June. So far I have bought 5 dresses, however I did take 3 back, so I haven't gone completely mad. Now am going to narrow it down between the last two and not look at anything else until June.

Today I went to get my twins prom dresses altered, so I got dressed! I thought this would be a nice mother daughter bonding experience. Ummmm....not so much. It got so bad I made my husband come and pick them.

1. We bought the dresses last prom season to insure that no one else would have the same dress. Well my daughter Anna's dress was front and center as you walk into David's Bridal.
2. Both daughters dresses were cloned and hanging in the alterations department.
3. My daughter Anna has this gorgeous, smoky gray dress with a few silver bugle beads on the bodice. She has a temper tantrum in the store when 4 of us told her that her bright silver Tom's shoes would look hideous with the dress. And beside that, if they had to alter the bottom of her dress, the alterations would cost $30 less then the whole dress itself.($120 for alterations!) She didn't think that was unreasonable. (At this point I called my husband)
4. Then off to the shoe store, already a source o f contention because of the Tom's The big girls eventually found shoes. I saw a really cute pair of flat gladiator sandals that I wanted, they had the exact same pair for my little one. I said "wouldn't t be so cool to have shoes just like Mom?" she said "No" and walked away. That was my cue to head to Barnes and Noble and leave my husband to fix the damages. I've been crying over graduation every day anyway. Yesterday it seemed as though they plotted to make me feel as terrible as possible, while spending all of my money. Props to my daughter Katie who wast the peacemaker, joined me at Barnes and Noble and made dinner when we got home. What does this have to do with what I'm wearing? Nothing except for the fact that this is what I had on for this perfect day.


  1. sorry to hear things are going badly for you....hope things change quickly! I can't wait to see pics of the girls.

  2. You are back!!!
    I missed you so!
    Hugs and happy weekend :)

  3. That dress is adorable - looks great on you and I love the red flower with it! Sorry the dress/shoe experience was not what it was cracked up to be - one teenage girl's drama is more than enough for one mom to handle and you have it multiplied by two!

  4. That dress is so cute! To be honest, it doesn't look at all like you've gained a pound. You are beautiful the way you are. Teenagers are hard, emotional beings. Give it a few years and they will become your best friends. Just nurture the relationships and be there for them. That's all you can do.

  5. Ugh... your prom nightmare makes me so glad my mother can sew. She made ALL of my prom dresses. I sketched a shape, picked out fabric... and Mom made it happen.

    While home made clothes were a liability throughout my school career, Prom gave me the advantage. I should find my prom pics and post them sometime....