Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just Wondering...

I love Etsy, I buy a lot of things on the site. I love the one-of-a- kind items and dealing with real people. However, I have been looking for child name necklaces for my daughters teacher (you know the kind-their children's name is engraved into your choice of metal). I found a site with necklaces I really liked, they had a big disclaimer that they couldn't promise shipping before Christmas. Okay, that is reasonable for a handmade object. I thought I would take a picture and put it into a really pretty card, and tell her that her necklace was on the way. Until, I saw that this woman was selling $30 "cut the line" options. In my opinion that is just wrong on so many levels. Even though I liked her necklaces more than the others I had seen, I would NEVER buy from her for this reason. What do you think? Is this fair? Am I wrong?


  1. I think it is wrong. I don't think I would buy from her either. Asking $30 extra to get yours before someone else is just plain greed in my opinion.
    I am not sure how much you were planning on spending, but QVC has some name necklaces. I ordered a monogram necklace about a month ago, and it is supposed to be on its way. They do take a while to get and probably even longer now.

  2. cute & funny photo of you and your daughter. I can't answer your question b/c I don't know what 'cut the line' options I dumb or what?