Saturday, November 26, 2011

So I Put Away my "Winter" Clothes

Last year I decided to try the strategy my friends "up north" practice and I put away my "winter clothes." Now remember, I use that term lightly as I live between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and their really isn't a need for winter clothes except about 5 days a year when the temp dips below 70 degrees.
Anyway, I decided I should start an Ebay selling frenzy and start with the winter clothes in the plastic box way up in the top of my closet.
What was I thinking? there are some really cute clothes in that box, so between my keepers and the ones my teens ran off with I think I had about 3 extra things to sell.
So much for the Ebay frenzy off to Target and Barnes & Noble.
Now all I have to do is pray for some super cold days- HAH!

Jeggings: Kmart (not from the winter box)
Flower tank: impulse buy from Old Navy a few years ago, never wore it until...
I pulled this super cute Jacket/sweater /whatever you want to call it from the winter box. It is only cotton, so I guess it only got in there because it was long (shirred!) sleeves. It is a beautiful plum shade and it was a gift from the most awesome Mother-In-Law in the world. She lives in Canada so I have no idea where she purchased it.

Are you starting to put your Holiday stuff up yet? I am standing next to the undecorated main tree in our house. My daughter is doing the lights today but she is pacing herself

We usually have between 2-3 trees in our home, plus each daughter has a tiny one in her room. I have an awesome collection of ornaments, I am going to post about them (brag about them) later.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving-retailers seem to have forgotten about it.



  1. That is a really pretty jacket/sweater, Lesa, and definitely wearable for Florida winter. (I'm about 3 hours north of you). I hope you plan to show off all your trees!

  2. Only a few days below 70 degrees?I wish I lived where you do. We have about 5 days above 70 degrees each year in the UK. LOL.

  3. I love the plum sweater/jacket. It is just lovely on you. The color is so pretty with your hair.

  4. That is definitely a good color on you! Your hair always looks so pretty. Here in Central Indiana, we are well into cold weather. We recently rescued two Chihuahua pups and they won't see the outdoors until spring.