Thursday, November 3, 2011

Other Paths


some of my favorite dressed up shots
of course like everyone else
I do have a little black dress.

First day of school
The last year I worked

casual, one of my favorite colors
I think this was the last time I wore shorts

School Clothes

Pearls-always my favorites

Another going to school outfit

I have deleted this blog. As I was deleting I saw that I used to have 10-20 comments on a post, lately a faithful 2-4. What can I say? I like jeans and vintage jewelry. I used to have a job and get dressed up, and I think I looked okay, but I have nothing new to add.

I have met a lot of lovely people while writing this blog, I'm still going to be reading. But you all look so good and try so hard, I really have nothing to bring to the table.

Some of you know I have a bad case of Agorophobia and am considered bipolar with an emphasis on the depressive side. It is hitting me hard just now. Maybe that is why this is a decision I felt I should make.

I hope some of you will follow my new book blog. It is kind of weird right now as the followers button is not working, they promise me it will be fixed in a few days. Because of this it looks like I don't have any followers yet, but I do.You can go up to your tool bar and press follow and I can see that you have joined. I am at 4 so far (blog is brand new) when I reach 20 I will have a give away.

I thought I could do book reviews, maybe some of you could do book reviews, make lists of favorite books and books we hated, maybe start a book club and have fun give aways. I tried this once before but I didn't follow through as I was working. Those who joined that time, I hope you will give me another chance.

Lesa's Library


  1. Oh Lesa, I am so sorry you are going to delete this blog. I will miss seeing your outfits. I especially like the last picture and I love pearls.
    Rather than deleting it, why don't you just take a break until you feel better about it? Please do reconsider!

  2. Lesa~I'm disappointed you are deleting this really. We all have something to bring to the table--really. You have gorgeous hair and its really about feeling great inside and out. I am in a book club and although I love to read, I tend to just spend a few hours a week with outfit posts--but I will stop by!

  3. Lesa, I hope you got my email!! You should keep this going...your voice is important and you always have something fun to bring! Make sure you look for my email!

  4. I like the jacket! (And, you could always just take a break instead of deleting permanently!) Best luck to you, no matter what you do!

  5. Pam, I finally got your email. It was in my spam and that never happens-oh well, at least I got to read your kind words. As you see from the post my daughter wrote, she doesn't want me to stop as she sees that because I can't leave the house most days that the blogging world has become important to me.

    A million thanks!