Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why Lane Bryant is Back in my good graces...

The top I bought online
that originally brought me back to LB
Usually I like the cut better than the print at Lane Bryant
but in this case I liked both!

Sale purchase #1 cost $20 something dollars
It is a really light cardi that is wearable here in
South Florida
It has cute buttons up the sleeves
and is more of a brown-pink, maroon color than the pick shows.
The only drawback is that it is low cut so it needs a cami.

This one was also $20 something on sale.
Kind of tests my comfort zones because it has those cut out
bat wing sleeves but I loved the color, the waist, the drape at the neck and the fact
that is was lined at the bust, so I am taking a chance on it.

I am sure no one remembers but a few months ago I swore off Lane Bryant. I was miffed at a rude store manager among other things...swore I would never shop there again. In all honestly it is not the greatest store for me because although I need that size 16 for the upper part of my body I am short and not the same size on the lower part of my body.

HOWEVER, I am a night owl with no one to talk to late night. ( It is 6:00 a.m. and I have been up for an hour and a half, and yes, I will go back to sleep..)

So I was cruising the store sites and went to Lane Bryant and discovered a few things:

1. Yes, even though I don't want to admit it my shirt/top size is still plus, and I have been buying things that are too small, hence uncomfortable.
2. They were having a 50% off sale and I like how you can get things delivered to their stores for free.
3. There was a blouse there that I really loved.

So I took the plunge and was quite pleased. Not only did I get the online top for a great price and no shipping, I found two more great deals on the sale rack.

What do you think? How did I do?

I guess I am back on the Lane...


  1. I really like the cardigan and I would say that you did really well! I have a tendency to like that which is not on sale and if I wait for it to be on sale then it is not in my size. I am trying to cut back on buying things but so far not successfully! I will have to check out LB. Their tops are usually too big through the bust for me.

  2. Think you did pretty good on your selections!