Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Guest Model

Friday night was Homecoming at my daughter's school. As many of you know I have twins. One was very eager to go, the other one is a homebody and had no interest whatsoever. I thought I would use my homecoming girl as my guest picture today. I am , of course, biased because I am her Mom, but I thought she looked stunning!

Dress:David's Bridal $139.00
Alterations: $60!!!! David's Briday (highway robbers)
Shoes: Payless around $20 with coupon, she had to walk around the house to practice
Accessories: Icing
Headband:Etsy $30

Will show pretty details tomorrow.


  1. ooo excellent dress! She looks very elegant.

  2. Hi Lesa
    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    love the pic of daughter!
    i have a son that is a senior this year as well.
    no interest in dances whatsoever
    he says girls are just too much drama. lol

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! All these events with your kids are so much fun...I have three also. Debbie

  4. Loved your daughter's dress. I take my stuff to local place for alterations to save some $$$.

    I noticed in your bio that you state that you are a disabled teacher. Do you have a disability or do you teach children with disabilities? I have 3 kids with Down syndrome and notice that people first language makes a big difference in perception:)
    Down syndrome kids or kids with Down syndrome....people first before their disabilities.